CMS – Medicare Expansion of the Accelerated/Advance Payment Program for Providers and Suppliers During COVID-19 Emergency


CMS has expanded the Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payments Program during the COVID-19 emergency. This program requires a one-page application, and funds may be available as soon as seven days after the Medicare provider or supplier applies.  Generally, the funds are recouped through the claims’ payment process after 120 days.

Kassouf is currently working with providers to assess the implications of this funding option as a resource for operational cash flow during the coming weeks and months. We are available to assist with the completion of the application and to answer questions associated with the CMS Fact Sheet.

  • What are the eligibility requirements?
  • What documentation do I need to apply?
  • Can I apply for a portion of the funds?
  • How does CMS determine how much money I can apply for?

These are just a sample of the questions that we can help you navigate.

CMS Fact Sheet excerpts

In order to increase cash flow to providers of services and suppliers impacted by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has expanded our current Accelerated and Advance Payment Program to a broader group of Medicare Part A providers and Part B suppliers. The expansion of this program is only for the duration of the public health emergency. CMS has eligibility provisions as well.  

Accelerated/Advance Payments

This provision is a one-time payment intended to provide funds when there is a disruption in claims submission and/or claims processing due to national emergencies or natural disasters. CMS is authorized to provide accelerated or advance payments during the period of the public health emergency to any qualified Medicare provider/supplier who submits a request to the appropriate Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).

If you would like to look at applying for this program, we are here to assist.  We have an FAQ to walk you through clarification on the application and on the CMS Fact Sheet as well as guidance on the recoupment and repayment process.

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